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The Future of Content Despite Ai Generative and Misinformation

One of the biggest fear associated with the surging of Ai generative is how we can detect if what we are seeing is fake or not and how we can trust what we see. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to check it, and it requires education, detection, and attribution. But some of the most important players in Media and Technology are joining forces to address at least the attribution aspect. Companies like Adobe, Microsoft, The New York Times, BBC, and more than 900 others are joining the Content Authentication Initiative (CAI) a “group of creators, technologists, journalists, and activists leading the global effort to address digital misinformation and content authenticity”. Associated with CAI is the development of The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), this is a “formal coalition dedicated exclusively to drafting technical standards and specifications as a foundation for universal content provenance”. C2PA is developing as well several open-source tools available to everyone who wants to use and integrate these features in their services and products. Some examples of the application of these standards are already been embedded in products from Adobe, Nikon, Leica, and many others companies.
As Reshaping Media we are a member of CAI and we are investing in this technology, we are still in the first steps to using it, but we believe that this is a very smart and effective way to address many of the issues related to the evolution of content technologies. Actually not all of them: many problems related to digital rights management are not entirely resolved by the attribution of the provenance, but this anyway an important step forward in this direction. More, the C2PA technology is compatible with blockchain technology and this opens very interesting opportunities in the evolution of Web 3.0 scenarios.
A very good introduction to CAI and how the C2PA open source technology works are in this interview with Andy Parson, CAI Sr Director.