Smettiamo di immaginare il futuro, iniziamo a crearlo

L'evento "il futuro del Web3 e del Metaverso" è stato un'ottima occasione per affrontare alcuni temi caldi legati alla diffusione delle tecnologie Web 3.0 come blockchain, VR, AR, Nft e alle loro integrazione all'interno di uno o più metaversi. Una delle costanti nelle riflessioni è stata la frase: "queste tecnologie spesso offrono delle soluzioni a dei non problemi". Ammetto che anch'io ho spesso usato questa espressione, ma le conversazioni…

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No Metaverse for Women, or not?

In many discussions live or online about Metaverse and Web 3.0 the main speakers are always men. Many times seems that old habits never change and the old paradigm of nerds talking about innovation and technologies will be the constant also of this third wave. But something is changing. The last July 14th The Financial Times transmitted the webinar "Unlocking the Investment Potential of the Metaverse" and the three…

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Davos and the Metaverse: Kindergarten is Closing

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It is becoming difficult to read the program of any fair or conference, even the snail festival, without the word “metaverse” in the title of some intervention. An exception is the World Economic Forum in Davos, which just ended: in the list of interventions the words metaverse or web3 are not there. But they haven’t forgotten about it. Indeed quite the opposite. An important announcement of this edition was…

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