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    Reduce the gap between technology and your user
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    How digital disruption is affecting your business?
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    Cutting edge methodology for your innovation projects


Help our clients to develop a user centric approach toward Digital Transformation


Reshaping Media approach is based upon the concept of Digital Density developed by the Group of Information System at IESE Business School
Digital Density is the percentage of connections, information and interactions per unit of social activity realized through digital technologies


We adopt a multidisciplinary and multicultural process to assure the success of our clients' projects, along with the most innovative methodologies like Design Thinking

“Put simply, design thinking is a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.” Tim Brown CEO of IDEO

A design thinking process is structured in three main phases: INSPIRE, IDEATE, and IMPLEMENT.
INSPIRE focuses on the problems and opportunities that motivate the search for a solution.
IDEATE involves generating a number of ideas that will shape your final solution.
And IMPLEMENT bridges the project room and reality, with a focus on evolving ideas into successful solutions.

Case Histories

Here are collected some of our recent projects.

  • Platform Reengineering

    An innovative adtech company asked for the re-engineering of his software platform, dedicated to secure targeting DEM thanks to Encryption algorithms.
    We have supported the company redefining the architecture of the platform and managing the process of re-engineering, defining the roadmap of development, the use cases, the testing procedure and other activities until the go-live of the platform.

  • Design Thinking Training

    A dynamic digital consulting company asked us for the organization of a series of Design Thinking Workshops in order to train his consultants on this methodology.
    The adoption of Design Thinking approach has helped them to improve the quality and value of the innovation projects conducted for their clients.

  • Digital Strategy

    A prominent and worldwide known music hall based in New York asked for the definition of his digital strategy.
    As part of a team of 10 consultants from 8 countries in three different continents, we have supported the client to defining its new digital strategy aimed to reach the widest possible audience and to cultivate new, more diverse, audiences to support the future of the art form. The strategy project has helped to define how to implement a new distribution model that through webcasting series and co-production partnerships allows enabling a business model that balances reach and revenue.

  • Content Monetization

    One of the most important commercial Broadcast Television in Italy and Spain asked us to explore the monetization opportunities’ of video traffic generated from his contents on mobile devices.
    After an accurate benchmark research in the target countries, and in countries like US and UK, we have defined a set of recommendations and an action plan for capturing the potential advertising budgets in the mobile segment.

  • Go to Market Strategy

    A start-up with a revolutionary business model based on a sharing economy platform (aimed to create the balance between consumers wishes and retailers), needed help for the definition of his go to market strategy.
    We have supported this start-up defining his overall business plan and the marketing communication plan.

  • Ecommerce Platform

    A major Italian Media Company asked for the definition of the project (business case, use case architecture, etc) of an ecommerce platform with a catalogue of more than 1 million items and a complex flow of information streams between several partners involved in different activities (money transactions, warehouse availability, logistic update, accounting registration etc).
    We have followed and manage also the implementation of the project, supporting the client in the price and contract negotiation with the technology suppliers and managing the following steps of implementation until the go live.

  • Digital Integration Process

    The publisher of some of the most diffuse magazines in Italy for families, women and kids needed the definition of the project (business case, use case architecture, etc) of a subscription platform for his customer base of over 200.000 subscribers. The core of the project has been the integration of the CRM System with an ecommerce platform.
    We have followed and manage also the implementation of the project, supporting the client in the price and contract negotiation with the technology suppliers and managing the following steps of implementation until the go live.

  • Mobile Strategy

    A prominent Italian Publisher asked for the definition of a strategy for the delivery of the digital version of his newsmagazine.
    Goal of the project has been to define a strategy to unlock the dependency from the main digital stores (Apple Store and Google Play Store) in order to acquire directly the profile of the customers and avoiding to pay commissions to the digital store. The implementation of this strategy has allowed the client reach his goal shifting over the 50 percent of the customer base on his platform and maintaining the possibility for the customers of using the preferred delivery platform.

  • Digital Transformation

    One of the most diffuse Italian newsmagazines needed the definition of the strategic plan of his editorial web site. The goal of the project has been the redefinition of all the architecture of the website from the point of view of the technical aspects (graphic design, technology platform, content management system) and the organization and editorial aspect (newsroom routine, newsmaking approach, readers approach).
    After a deep analysis (the benchmark of the best practice in the market, web traffic data, readers survey) has been developed a new editorial concept. The development of the project from the technical side has been conducted following the agile methodology. 3 months after the go-live the website traffic had already grown more than 30 percent.

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